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Over several weeks, finally settled, can also look at the thread. Canada moved really well planning, to avoid unnecessary losses. Moving story is quite interesting, write, when you tell jokes. Also hope that compatriots faced this kind of situation, to draw upon.

has lived in the apartment for nearly 3 years, before leaving, think real estate good up suddenly. I greeted two months earlier, housing management also sent a letter to confirm. Whether it be determined checkout time, still room for new tenants, housing prior to print letters in the mail and have great respect for you. Last month, I did the math, according to the contract, still owed them dozens of dollars, think it should be settled well until last month's rent. To proceed to checkout. Housing says no, peanuts, there is no need, as long as the keys on the line. Thought is not wrong, and now prices really dropped a lot, they also embarrassed money? wife said, what the heck, they don't make it their business, we offer complete. Taking advantage, complacent.

a week after the move into the new House, received letters from housing was an invoice, said housing problems, cleaning fee 99.08, borne by me. Say, if not received within 30 days, referred to the collection company. Angry!!!!!! Have the desire to fight!!! Reminiscent of the immigrant and the first year of a long-distance telephone company also had disputes, their most powerful weapon is the DUN company, your credit record from contamination. The situation vividly. This time, the landlord is doing something so. Took two hours, drafted a sharply worded letter, refute the housing lists may not be true, and dissatisfaction with the services of some 3 years on the landlord. Told him that if you insist on your money, I would take:

a-the City Council to complain

b-media exposure


three ways of solution. And that, without reply in the 5th, recover the invoice. Fax and email in the past. 4 hours after received a reply, calling Cancel.

later, friends said, feeling a lot of them have had the same story. Like flies and disgusting. Recommends that the majority of the people, he might as well argue. Pay attention to the preservation of evidence and, if necessary, conversation recording and the landlord, left as evidence.

to the old-style home on Sunday, talking about checking out things old wind referred to the landlord should refund interest on security deposits. Here the use of charge a one way, a part is to calculate the interest charge. Generally do not mention that housing will not give back. Really didn't know it before, feels compelled to come back. Today morning wrote a sister, only a Word, when is interest. Received a reply this afternoon, detailed calculation of gross amount of the interest, the amount I should make up part of the last month's rent, interest on real return over more than 50. Must return in June.

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