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Xiamen merchant service company is one of professional housekeeping service company in Xiamen, with professional transport vehicles and skilled workers. For more extensive customer service, companies uphold the principle of "customer first" business philosophy, customer service as its mission, the pursuit of safe, efficient, timely and careful service, established a perfect service system, allows customers to worry, rest assured.

Xiamen merchant service company advocated "first-class service-=100% satisfaction at reasonable prices", customer satisfaction is our greatest success!

Faster and safer vehicles, on-call, price concessions, people!

Moving plants, air conditioning, carpeting, clean clear, paint the walls, freight forwarders, cargo shipping!

  1, the beginning Island moving price
End point Car in 2.5-3) X1.5X1.6 &Nbsp;  3.2-3.5) X1.8X1.8 More 3.8-4.3) X1.8X1.8 Car 1.5X1.2X1.3
XING Lin230260300180
The opening280300330230
Jimei district220250290180
After the river230260300190
Cheung, Xindian300350380250
Ma Xiang300360400250
Lotus River400430450350
Haicang (xinyang)200240280180
Future Beach220260280180
East Corfu240300350200
Zhangzhou, changtai County Tourism650700750600
Jiao Mei, Dragon Pool330390420300
San Diego320350390230
In Jinjiang and Shishi750750800600
Nan ' an, Hoi an750750800600
Ishii, Shui Tau, Longhai550600700450
Changting County170018002000 

2, haicang area start moving price
End point In the car Cart More cars Car
Haicang xinyang200230260 
East Corfu230250280 
New stores, horse lane350400450 
Flying An Lianhe400450480 
XING Lin350380400 
Filling mouth, after the river350400400 
3, Tongan industrial zone, start moving price
End point In the car Cart More cars Car
Tongan region260280300 
XING Lin280300350 
  Jimei Jiageng gymnasium, 4, start moving price
End point In the car Cart More cars Car
After the River, filling250250280 
Jimei zone220230250 
XING Lin230250280 
Flying An Lianhe350400450 
Raymond dadengdao350400450 
5, XING Lin Mao start moving price
End point In the car Cart More cars Car
The opening230230260 
Dadengdao, Lotus River400450480 
1), moving truck carried 1.5 tonnes limit.
2) moving company or factory price, in principle, valuation
3), item weight: demonstrate customer orders for big-ticket items and small items, for a receptionist for reference car quote; on to the site, due to changes in volume of goods vehicles, according to car prices removal prices after the change.
4), 5 km away from the railway station, the car charged by 110 per car.

Second, handling additional item charges

Project Charge standard
Distance charges 10 km outside or beyond the administrative center, per km charge 5 Yuan
Long distance charges When manual handling distances over 20 m, 20-100 m, subject to 20-80, and so on.
Floor (no elevator) 4 to 6, plus 10 Yuan each; 6 per cent plus 20 Yuan per car.
Delay time (including car)Caused by the customer cannot be loaded, unloaded, and missed more than half an hour at the time, charge 50 Yuan every half hour, less than half an hour, half an hour. Artificial time by half an hour is 10 Yuan.
Stop fee Road car docking charge 50 Yuan to go Lu plus 60-80 car docking.
Idle running Vehicle in place, the customer cancels car charging empty charge 100 trips
Expensive, heavy items fee 1, valuables and breakable items, charge on the value of goods 1% the insurance charge. 2, the safe below 1 m, plus 20; more than 1.2 metres, plus 80 Yuan; 3, drum washing machines, more than 34 inches TV, plus 60 components 4, 300 kg refrigerator, add 100-200 element
Manual handling equipment 400 Yuan in principle begun. except for used forklifts.
Individual piano removal costs Starting at 320, 4-6, plus 20 Yuan each; 6 per cent, plus 50 Yuan each.
Piano mixed handling fees General extra 200 Yuan Tai; models plus 600 Yuan more than 130 or triangle class. Floor fees above
Disassembly and Assembly of the bed 20-120 Yuan
Boss table (table) disassembly 1.5 m 20-50; 1.5 meters above the 50-100.
Bedroom (books, clothes) Cabinet disassembly A charge by the 30-40 standard
Partition screen disassembly Each according to 30-40 standard fee
Time handling fees 30 yuan per hour. Except for equipment handling, heavy goods handling.
Overtime surcharge 18:00-20:00, plus 60 per vehicle; 20:00-7:00, plus 100 yuan per car. Time handling, additional 10-20 Yuan per hour.
Cardboard box fee 60*40*40 specification, only 10 Yuan each, used boxes, $ 7. Special delivery boxes 30-150.
Note: the vehicles referred to in 1, above, the 4.2 m model as a reference. The additional cost of using more than 5 m model, price negotiable. 2, customers request a booking to ensure that an appointment time arrives, then near the reservation time 2 hours before to cancel the order, customers need to pay the total cost of the 10% penalty and liquidated damages of not less than 100 Yuan. 3, specific charges, transportation professionals, depending on the workload, refer to the standards.

3, forklift, crane initial 100 Yuan 3.1   3-ton forklift, 3-ton forklift 100, 5 ton 150, 6 ton 200; crane 400 specific negotiable;
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